An Integrated Information System for organizing, managing, distributing and selling of touristic services

The integrated information system etour aims at collecting, organizing, managing, distributing and selling services of a touristic enterprise and distribute them in real time by usage of internet.

The functions and features of etour fulfill both requirements of outgoing & incoming.

The on-line system etour collects, organizes, manages, promotes & distributes touristic services including :

  • Booking Accommodation (hotels, resorts, bungalows, etc).
  • Booking airline seats (charter & scheduled flights) and issuing tickets.
  • Organizing excursions and booking process (excursions).
  • Booking standard touristic packages (scheduled packages & custom made packages) and offers.
  • Booking & issuing tickets - Ticketing (buses, ferries, trains, etc.).
  • Car Rentals (rent-a-car).
  • Transportation to and from the airport, port, etc. (transfers).
  • Bus leasing and management of seats.
  • Cruises as a package of combined services.
  • Professional & individual trips.
  • Special interest trips and conferences.
  • Managing alternative forms of tourism (winter, educational, mountaineering etc.). 
  • The system provides availability and costing information for the services that manages.
  • The system's users are able to make reservations for the services provided be the system.
  • As long as there is availability of a service, the user receives a direct confirmation of the booking, as a result the toilsome procedures of telephone contacts, messaging and faxing are avoided.
  • The system undertakes issuing the travel documents, vouchers, tickets, etc.
  • Moreover, there is a capability of exporting many aggregate reports that can provide a total overview of the reservations, the remaining assets and the accounting information.
  • Last but not least, the system provides to the system's users and administrators the ability to exchange messages.
  • The etour system has the possibility to link (interface) with private booking systems (hotels', ferries', airplanes', etc.) as well as with accounting systems and business management packages & ERP.

Three are the levels that the systems offers its services :

  • As a selling system for the owner of the system (provider) to sell the travel services to the customers - final users of the internet (B2C).
  • Among many tourist enterprises, as a Business to Business (B2B) activity, (multiple service suppliers, travel agents and providers).
  • As an internal reservation system, in order to organize and manage the company's touristic services (intranet).

The system etour applies to :

  • Travel Agencies and other tourist enterprices (car rental κλπ).
  • Tour Operators, Travel Agents, hotel chains, etc.
  • Tourist portals that handle and manage on-line & real time bookings of tourist enterprises.
  • Entities and organizations that provide package tour services such as Municipal, Prefectural and Regional tourist enterprices.



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